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Sizing Chart

To correctly obtain your boot size and if you are unsure about the size you are, simply measure your foot as per our instructions. (Refer to the instructions below).

Often one foot is a little longer or larger than the other so select the largest of your feet.

Adult size chart

Foot calculation   two sheep™ Adult Sizes  
cm inches EVA sole Non Slip Sole Moulded Outdoor Sole
22 8.7 4 X-small -
23 9.1 5 small 4
24 9.4 6 small 5
24.5 9.6 7 medium 6
25 9.8 8 medium 7
26 10.2 9 large 8
27 10.6 10 large 9
27.5 10.8 11 X-large 10
28.5 11.2 12 X-large; 11
29.5 11.6 13 X-large 12
30.5 12 14 13
31.5 12.4 15 -

Children's Size Chart

Foot calculation two sheep™ Child Sizes
cm inches EVA sole
13 5.1 6
13.5 5.3 7
14 5.5 8
15 5.9 9
16 6.3 10
16.5 6.5 11
17 6.7 12
18.5 7.3 13
19.5 7.7 1
20 7.9 2
21 8.3 3

Baby Bootie Size Chart

Foot Calculation two sheep™ Child Sizes
cm inches Non Slip sole
10 3.9 Small
11 4.3 Medium
12.5 4.9 Large
13.5 5.3 Xlarge

Finding Your Size

Footwear sizing is different across the world.
Please read our instructions on how to measure your foot and see our size conversion chart to ensure the best fit.

We do not have half sizes so if you fall between sizes, we recommend going to the next size.

Please Note: The Moulded Outdoor sole is a different size to the EVA sole so referring to the sizing chart is important.

Measuring Your Foot

  • Place a ruler or tape measure on the floor
  • Place foot on top of the ruler or tape measure
  • Place the back of your heel at 0cm
  • Take the measurement of the foot from the heel to the toe (in centimetres) eg. 24cm
  • Look through our sizing chart to find your foot length and the corresponding size boots which will fit best
  • Generally if a lady takes a size 6 she will require a size 6 in an EVA sole, in a moulded sole she will reqiure a size 5
  • If a man takes a size 10 he will require a size 11 in an EVA sole, in a moulded sole he will require a size 10

A good fit will be when you try your boots on for the first time and they feel ‘firm’ but not overly tight. 

After wearing for a few hours the inside fleece will compress a little and provide more internal space, giving you more width but not length. 

Good grooming is recommended. It is preferable that your toe nails are trimmed regularly or that you allow just a little extra length in the boot to avoid your toe nails wearing through the sheep skin.

Please Remember

  • Unlike conventional leather footwear, sheepskin has a 10-12 mm thickness of fleece (wool) on the inside and while this to some degree will mould around your foot, it may also mean that you may need to go up a size.
  • Sheepskin footwear is generally worn without socks but if you prefer to wear them with socks then you will also need to allow for that thickness as well. We recommend wearing natural fibres in sock, ie. Wool, Cotton & Bamboo.
  • Sheepskin will stretch up to a half-size wider after wearing for a few hours – the more you wear your boots the better they will feel.